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Alex (Dietrich) Greene has dedicated her life to a career in service. As one of the nation’s first female strike-fighter aviators, Greene is a pioneer and a champion of diversity. She is a founding member of the military’s eMentor program, promoting mentorship and opportunity for future generations of minorities to succeed in untraditional fields. Beginning her career in the U.S. Navy, Greene was rapidly promoted through military ranks for her sophisticated strategic vision and flawless tactical execution. She led the military establishment in policies and programs to not only ensure our national security but also advance the human condition. Greene spearheaded the revolutionary Navy Irregular Warfare strategy, emphasizing the use of indirect, non-conventional military methods rather than direct conventional military confrontation. She directly applied that strategy as a deployed “boots on ground” Provincial Reconstruction Team Engineer, leading reconstruction efforts that established regional stability and security as well as overall legitimacy of the national Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Greene is a recipient of the Bronze Star and Air Combat medals. She was formally recognized by Ambassador Eikenberry, Department of State, for her leadership of the Ghazni Female Engagement Team and commitment to a cooperative civil-military mission. A strong supporter of IMSA and the IMSA Fund, Greene returned to campus in 2008 as the Veterans Day guest speaker, captivating and inspiring students with her stories, wisdom and advice. Greene currently serves as an assistant Professor of Naval Science at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. She received her B.S. in Civil Engineering from George Washington University and attended the Defense Language Institute.

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