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Dan Frakes is a respected technology writer and editor, focusing on personal computing and digital media. He has written over 800 articles and has authored or contributed to over 20 books, including one of the early e-books nearly 15 years ago. He is currently a senior editor and columnist at Macworld magazine and Website and an editor for the Take Control series of electronic books, and has previously held positions as the senior reviews editor for Playlist magazine and Website and as editor for In 2006, Frakes was named to the MacTech 25, a publicly chosen list of the most influential people in the Mac technical community. In addition to having run his own consulting practice, Frakes previously worked as an analyst at a research and consulting firm where his projects included the evaluation of educational technology policy; he has also worked in IT at a major university. He is a frequent speaker at tech-related events, and is the co-creator of a popular Mac software utility. Frakes' motivation for his work is the desire to help people understand and get the most out of technology, as well as to advocate for users and consumers. Frakes is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles.

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