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Melvin has been an active and engaged volunteer with IMSA and the IMSA Alumni Association since 2009, when he first joined the IMSA Alumni Association Cabinet and took the lead role in planning his 20-year reunion for his class. His volunteer efforts have increased every year since, and he has had a triple role as an IMSA alumnus, an IMSA parent, and an IMSA employee. Melvin has played a critical role in advancing the work of the IMSA Alumni Association, enhancing the tools and support needed for the Cabinet leaders to truly lead and execute programs.

Melvin has brought his leadership experience to the IMSA Alumni Association, leading effective meetings and ensuring that every program is successful. In addition, he has been key to the increased alumni network, growing and expanding the use of Facebook and Linked-In for alumni and region-specific groups across the nation. Melvin created and organized the first-ever IMSA Alumni Association grassroots fundraising appeal for the IMSA Fund; this showed a vested interest in the Cabinet partnering with the IMSA Fund to raise money and participation from alumni in the Annual Fund Campaign. In its first year, the appeal raised nearly $10,000 with Melvin’s help. Melvin’s leadership has elevated and empowered the volunteer leaders of the IMSA Alumni Association, and has set the stage for more meaningful and strategic activities between alumni, students and IMSA. As President of the IMSA Alumni Association, Melvin has contributed his time and talent to forge connections between current IMSA students and the alumni community. He has fostered fun on-campus by: helping with events, making smoothies, serving as a DJ; being available to IMSA parents, current students, and alumni; coordinating IMSA Alumni Association activities, events and meetings. And in doing these many activities, Melvin has contributed to the collaborative spirit of IMSA. His efforts at connecting the IMSA community will undoubtedly serve our state, nation and the world in the years to come. Melvin’s ongoing support of Intersession and other IMSA Alumni Association outreach programs has fostered fruitful friendships across the divide of graduating dates. Melvin graduated with a B.S. in Pure Mathematics from the University of Michigan. After 20 years working at Morgan Stanley, Deusche Bank (Data Mining Systems), and Citadel, last year Melvin helped start a new commodities trading firm, Leeward Pointe Capital as the CIO. Leeward recently merged with Typhon Capital Management where Melvin is now the acting CIO and also took on the role of CTO / Director of Operations at Typhon Access.

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