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Throughout its history the IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education Board of Directors has worked hard to connect the vision, talents and ideas of the private sector with those in education to produce meaningful and measurable results. Through this work, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and its partners have created a laboratory for learning and teaching mathematics and science in Illinois that is second to none.

The strategic direction of the IMSA Fund is always guided by the Academy's commitment that all students in Illinois benefit from IMSA's programs. IMSA serves students and mathematics and science teachers throughout Illinois by offering a wide variety of programming that is available at three distinct sites to make them more accessible to the Illinois community:

• On campus resides at IMSA

• Regional resides at partner sites throughout Illinois

• Virtual resides in cyberspace

As proof that our results are raising eyebrows, the IMSA Fund secured more than $2.9 million in external venture philanthropy investments. These investments were based on solid business plans and innovative approaches/solutions to the most pressing issue facing our society in the new millennium, the education of our young people for the future economy and global competition.

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