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The promise of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® is now practice as visionary IMSA graduates forge new frontiers in Illinois and beyond in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and other fields, and as more and more students, educators and schools in our state, nation and world benefit from IMSA programs, products and services.

The Academy's reach, impact and success is due in no small part to the support it receives from the IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education - thanks to you.

You and other donors help in various ways, Annual gifts of all amounts provide essential operating support for the IMSA Fund and help IMSA meet needs that simply cannot be funded in other ways. Major gifts and planned gifts support significant opportunities and help the IMSA Fund invest and grow its resources for the future. Corporate and foundation grants fund specific projects of interest to IMSA and the funder.

Excerpt: From the President of the IMSA Fund and the President of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy



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