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In just over a decade and a half, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy*(IMSA) has become one of the premier institutions of its kind in our state, nation and world.

By any and all measures, IMSA is an unqualified success...a winner that works...a powerful model of what is possible when government, education, and the private sector come together to address important needs and challenges - in this case to develop talent and stimulate excellence in teaching and learning in mathematics, science and technology.

Much of IMSA's success to date has been made possible by the generous support of our investors, including donors to the IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education. By investing in IMSA, you strengthen our capacity to help our state and nation address important problems such as the acute shortage of well-qualified mathematics and science teachers, the prevalent student achievement deficiencies and gaps in mathematics and science, and the critical need to build a highly skilled and scientifically literate workforce for the future.

Excerpt: From the President of the IMSA Fund and the President of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy



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