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Winter 2012


Last year we celebrated IMSA’s 25th anniversary. With the commencement of our 212 Seniors, we closed this incredible chapter of IMSA’s history knowing that these young men and women have joined a long line of IMSA alumni whose life work has made an important, positive impact. While the past 25 years have seen IMSA graduates become great leaders in new fields and new careers, they have also seen even more IMSA alumni making less famous but equally as important contributions.

In addition to our Seniors, we also “graduated” more than 3,547 students and 727 teachers whom we served last year in our Field Service locations and in on-campus programs. Most of these students and teachers would have few, if any, other options for having access to these helpful opportunities if it were not for IMSA. I have no doubt that many of them will also be difference makers.

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