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Spring 2011


When I speak to parents, students, educators and legislators about the concept of “career readiness,” I emphasize that IMSA is preparing learners for careers that do not yet exist. Through learning experiences based on imagination and inquiry, IMSA students, whether enrolled in our residential program or in our statewide enrichment programs, learn to pursue compelling questions of interest, work collaboratively, conduct investigations and communicate findings. In the words of our Standards of Significant Learning, students learn to “think about thinking,” “extend and integrate thought,” and “construct questions which further understanding, forge connections and deepen meaning.” In short, they learn how to learn, enabling them to tackle present and future challenges that impact our local and global communities.

This issue of IMSA360 features how the work of Enrollment and Academic Services prepares students to imagine, investigate, serve and lead. Recruitment of our state’s top talent is just one important facet of the work conducted by members of our dedicated team of specialists. They ensure that incoming students have rich opportunities to explore their unique passions, pursue new interests and become ethical leaders. Through guidance and an array of supportive programs and services, they help students to develop self-reliance, resilience, confidence, curiosity and resourcefulness – attributes that will serve them well in a world where rapid changes in economies, technologies and careers have become the norm. They also guide students through the increasingly complex and competitive college application process. This includes broadening students’ horizons by introducing them to unique college options that match their passions, goals and aspirations. Graduation does not mark the end of students’ connections to Enrollment and Academic Services and to IMSA. You will learn in this issue how alumni, having been deeply impacted by their IMSA experiences, are compelled to recruit and nurture the next generation of IMSA students.

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