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Spring 2009


As a teaching and learning laboratory for imagination and inquiry, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy enables students to pursue their own compelling questions and identify and solve real-world problems. In these pursuits, they learn to collaborate with each other and the best minds around the globe. This process fosters integrative learning and enhances critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and teamwork.

Our feature stories in this issue of IMSA360 take you on an amazing journey that demonstrates how IMSA students turn their passions, talents and knowledge into action. Under the guidance of inspiring faculty, staff and world experts, students have helped to establish the IMSA Energy Center which draws on students’ natural concern for their environment and their desire to improve people’s lives. As participants of the Energy Center, students join engineering and research teams to work on energy issues that address their particular interests. They learn and apply academic content as they encounter the need to solve problems for their respective teams.

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