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Spring 2013


Having recently announced my retirement from IMSA, I am writing my last letter for IMSA360 to share my appreciation and admiration for the engagement and support of the entire IMSA community, which includes each and every reader of this publication. During the past six years, our collaborative work has produced some exceptional results as evidenced by our students’ success in national and international competitions, publications, presentations and leadership conferences. In addition, other highlights include our institutional recognition- especially the 2009 Intel Star Innovator Award-our growing donor base, the expansion of programs and services for Illinois students and teachers, a growing network of productive partnerships, and continued support from the Illinois legislature and other funders.

Looking ahead, our shared mission of “igniting and nurturing creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition” is powerful and will propel IMSA on a trajectory resulting in sustained success in our next quarter century. I am confident that our highly capable leadership team, a talented and dedicated faculty and staff, a solid and growing alumni base, our incredible students and their supportive parents, a dynamic IMSA Fund Board, and a passionate, expert Board of Trustees will continue to advance our strategic agenda. With these resources, IMSA’s next President will be well positioned to fully realize our ambitious aspiration of being “the world’s leading teaching and learning laboratory for imagination and inquiry.”

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