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Winter 2017


IMSA is nurturing a strong and diverse pipeline of innovative leaders for Illinois and the world, preparing them to solve the most complex social problems of our time.

Innovation is part of IMSA’s legacy. In fact, IMSA alumni have been driving the technology sector over the past decade. Andrew Baptist ‘94, Greg Dhuse ‘99, Dusty Hendrickson ‘01 and Ethan Wozniak ‘99 are responsible for 212 of 350 patents generated by data storage leader, Cleversafe. Sam Yagan ‘95 relocated his tech company, ShopRunner, to Illinois and also co-founded OkCupid, SparkNotes, Techstars Chicago and Corazon Capital. Jessica Droste Yagan ‘95, CEO of Impact Engine invests in socially minded early-stage startups that improve economic empowerment, education, health and resource efficiency.

Excerpt: From the President



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