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Artist Statement

A big issue that a lot of people aren’t aware about is the bee populations. They are extremely vital to our daily lives and many other animals that we share this planet with. One third of our food needs to be pollinated by insects, with honey bees being responsible for most of it. However, it is humans that are endangering these species through global warming, pesticide use, and habitat loss. National Geographic states, “The latest data, from the 2012-2013 winter, indicate an average loss of 45.1 percent of hives across all U.S. beekeepers, up 78.2 percent from the previous winter, and a total loss of 31.1 percent of commercial hives, on par with the last six years.” This continued loss is unacceptable. I was inspired by this world issue and decided to create this piece to spread the word about the bee population decline as well as emphasize their impact on human lives-in this case, through honey and flowers. I hope this will encourage more people to plant bee-friendly plants such as wild flowers and flowering trees, to not use pesticides, to purchase organic foods, and to take action to help save the bees.


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environmental issues, bee population decline