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On a cold, dreary November night, the United States Air Force Base at Maui, Hawaii prepares for another mission. The year is 1941 and the world is in a complex war. Pilots and bombers sprint to their assigned planes, preparing for takeoff. The sky is gray with dark clouds and an overwhelming feeling of dread hangs in the air. The wind was beating against the aircraft. The planes gathered into a line before the runway. The third warplane in line for takeoff, a spotless steel B-17 bomber, held a crew of ten. The plane was called “Bugs” as it was known to be as fast and sly as the cartoon character Bugs Bunny, which was popular during the time. This character was also drawn on the nose of the bomber.




Silver Key: 2022 Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Award | Alliance for Young Artists & Writers


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing

War: a short story



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