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"It’s amazing how fast three years passes. And in the end, IMSA is so much more than just a building. Others may never truly understand what it means to be a part of this community, but we will know. Years from now, we’ll remember the thrill of Clash or the nostalgic warmth of Carnival. We’ll remember late nights spent laughing with best friends, and we’ll remember what it felt like to belong here. It’s true, IMSA gave us the building blocks for academic and professional success. But it also gave us each other. And as we stand here as a class for the last time, I thank IMSA for bringing us together.

Class of 2016, never stop learning and growing. Never lose that drive or that passion, and never forget what you have gained from IMSA. As we move on to another chapter of our lives, we will continue to expand our brick-and-mortar walls. We will gain countless more chances, and we will learn countless more things. It is my hope that we, as a class, will continue to seek out new opportunities, and I hope that we continue to find better ways of cementing it all together. Yet no matter how far we go, part of us will always belong in a residence hall at 1500 Sullivan Road. And no matter how far apart we may end up, we can find comfort in knowing that we have built something beautiful together"

Heidi Dong, Student Council President


  • Reflections on IMSA and Graduation Day: Heidi Dong, President, Student Council
  • Reflections on IMSA and Graduation Day: Akshay Verma, Vice-President, Student Council
  • Introduction of Commencement Speaker: Sheila MB Griffin, Chairman, Board of Trustees
  • Commencement Address: Neil Shubin, Ph.D., Robert R. Bensley Distinguished Service Professor of Anatomy
  • Presentation of the Class of 2016: Marie Dillon Dahleh, Ph.D., Principal
  • Acceptance of the Class of 2016: José M. Torres, Ph.D., President

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HeidiDongCommencement.pdf (55 kB)
Heidi Dong - Reflections on IMSA and Graduation Day

MarieDahlehCommencement.pdf (45 kB)
Marie Dillon Dahleh, Ph.D. - Presentation of the Class of 2016

JoseTorresGraduation-Speech.pdf (246 kB)
José M. Torres, Ph.D. - Acceptance of the Class of 2016

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