The Convocation ceremony, an IMSA tradition, marks the beginning of the school year and serves to welcome students and staff to a community of scholars. This ceremony is both an announcement and affirmation of the Academy's identity and purpose. The ceremony also provides the members of the Academy the opportunity to establish and renew relationships with one another. This tradition expresses the spirit of a dynamic, learning community by establishing a formal celebration that sets the tone for the upcoming year.


Submissions from 2018


2018 Convocation, Srivinay Tummarakota '19, José M. Torres, Robert Hernandez, and Kiyomi Hamilton '00

Submissions from 2017


2017 Convocation, Rebecca Xun '18, José M. Torres, Robert Hernandez, and Gouthami Rao '08

Submissions from 2016


2016 Convocation, Madison Dong '17, José M. Torres, Marie Dillon Dahleh, and Yuanxia Ding