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Teacher Resource

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Spring 4-6-2016


The purpose of this module is to discover the interaction between cultural perspectives and leadership. A discussion of cultural competency brings awareness of stereotypes and their negative effects. Helping to form the foundation of our understanding of leadership in cultures around the world, the GLOBE studies effectively identifies common leadership traits within and between different cultures. This module’s content aims to mold culturally aware citizens that understand the consequences of their ideas and actions.

To meet the goal of this module, the terms nationality, national identity, ethnicity, race, heritage, culture, cultural identity, and ethnocentrism are defined. Students are encouraged to personally reflect on these terms, specifically culture. Culture is connected with leadership through this module with the Implicit Leadership Theory and the GLOBE Studies. Leadership bias and the contribution of value systems to effective leaders are examined and discussed. Finally, common cultural blunders, their roots, and their implications are brought to light.



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