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Dr. Anna Kaatz is the Director of Computational Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Her research focuses on broadening the diversity of the science and medical workforce, which is an evidence-based approach to promote research innovation and to address human health disparities. Dr. Kaatz's current projects seek to understand reasons why highly qualified women and racial/ethnic minorities tend to fare worse in peer review processes, such as for NIH grants and journal manuscripts, which limits their participation in research careers. This work applies research from social psychology and techniques from data and text mining, computational linguistics, and machine learning to mine text written by peer reviewers (e.g., reviewers' critiques of grants) for linguistic forms of bias (e.g., race and gender bias that may arise from the inadvertent influence of cultural stereotypes on judgment).

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Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Education | Gender Equity in Education

Diversity Speaker Series: Dr. Anna Kaatz



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