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  • meaning is discovered, not prescribed.
  • all individuals have equal intrinsic worth.
  • all people have an innate desire to learn.
  • the power of the human mind is the world's greatest resource.
  • every individual is capable of both changing and bringing about change.
  • trust is essential for any human relationship to prosper.
  • the survival of global civilization depends primarily upon the quality of the education provided to all citizens.
  • every person is responsible for his/her own choices and actions.
  • belonging to a group implies subordination of self-interests to the common good.
  • excellence is worth the effort, but not always worth the cost.
  • achieving our vision of the future depends upon our willingness to sacrifice in the present.
  • aversion to risk-taking stifles innovation and creativity.
  • learning is an individual, life-long endeavor. valuable learning results from both failure and success.
  • all adults share responsibility for the well-being of all children.
  • the ability to discern and create connections is the essence of knowing.
  • a good life is harmony among the emotions, the body, the intellect, and the spirit.
  • the process of education is more than merely the accumulation of facts.



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