Engineering’s curriculum is grounded in IMSA’s mission of advancing the human condition. Students gain hands-on experience studying problems, working in teams to design solutions and constructing their designs. As students work on projects, they may utilize mechanics, electronics, chemistry, and biology. Students may also utilize tools and methods such as CAD, construction of models or prototypes, 3D printing, and programming. Students are also exposed to the many branches of engineering and the highly diverse opportunities within the field through an interview with an engineer. Twice during the semester, students form teams to develop sustainable energy technologies and original products that advance the human condition and make a presentation including a demonstration of their prototype.


Submissions from 2017

1. What is a Part?, Manuel Favela '18

2. What is an Extrusion, Revolved, Swept Base, or Lofted Base?, Manuel Favela '18

3. What is an Assembly?, Manuel Favela '18

4. How to make more planes, Manuel Favela '18

5. How to Put Words and Letters into a CAD, Manuel Favela