Welcome back Class of 1991! I hope you will enjoy this virtual collection of materials that would have been retrieved from Archives and displayed on a table for you to peruse during reunion. Although we cannot meet in person, I hope to see you live, via zoom, at the Virtual Archives Open House on November 6th.

Dr. Christian D. Nokkentved, IMSA History Faculty Emeritus | Volunteer Archivist

Board of Trustees Alumni Awards

Recipients from the Class of 1991:

  • B. Scott Gaudi, Ph.D., 2007 Distinguished Leadership Award
  • Tuwanda Williamson, M.D., 2007 Distinguished Leadership Award
  • Tamora Kimmitt, 2020 Titan Award
  • Rob McCool, 2007 Alumni Trailblazer Award
  • B. Scott Gaudi, 2013 Alumni Trailblazer Award
1991 Class Photograph

1991 Class Photograph

1990 Convocation

1990 Second Annual IMSA Presentation Day

IMSA 1990-91 Profile

Commencement of the Class of 1991

Quest for Our Origins