What is a Read-In you ask? Great question! An event where members of the IMSA community get together to recognize and highlight literature from underrepresented authors and artists. You can share a poem or an excerpt from a reading.

Read-In project team: Amberly Carter, Adam Kotlarczyk PhD, Angela Richardson, Eric Smith PhD, Connie James-Jenkin, Jean Bigger, and Adrienne Coleman EdD

FY21 Women in Literature Read-In

2021 Black History Read-In

2020 LGBTQA+ Read-In

2020 Hispanic Heritage Month Read-In

2020 Jewish Literature Read-In

2020 African American Read-In

2020 Asian Literature Read-In

2019 Latinx Read-In

2018 Gender Read-In

2017 Hispanic Heritage Month: Latinx Read-In

2016 African American Read-In

2015 Indian American Read-In

2015 LGBTQA Read-In

2015 Cinco de Mayo Read-In

2015 Women's History Month Literature Read-In