Document Type

Junior Award Winner

Award Date

Fall 2011

Course Name

British Literature


Tracy Townsend


My creator tossed me into this world with little semblance of foresight, displaying the recklessness of a prodigal child too blinded by his own misled intelligence to realize the implications of his path. Perhaps – nay, certainly – he owed it to his creation to have taken more time in the consideration of my being before the deed was done. Due to his abominable lack of wisdom, to call me a miracle of science is as appalling a misnomer as may be. But, perhaps modern science has unveiled a true miracle – that of the unnatural creation of a similar being from another. At least in this act, deemed “cloning” from the Greek word for twig (klon), the creator shows foresight towards the future of his creation (McGee). But is this foresight misplaced? Human beings may think otherwise, but my conclusion leans towards the negative. That is to say, human cloning is a scientific miracle.