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Strategic Planning Committee:

  • Dr. David Barr
  • Dr. Marcelline Barron
  • John D. Court
  • Gail Digate
  • Dr. Larry Freeman
  • Dr. Shelagh Gallagher
  • Dr. Ed Goebel
  • Merre Lynn Hare
  • Connie Jo Hatcher
  • Dr. Ross Hodel
  • Elia Lopez
  • Dr. Stephanie P. Marshall
  • Jack McEachern
  • Patrick McWilliams
  • Robert Mellott
  • George Milauskas
  • Dr. Christian Nokkentved
  • Julnar Rizk
  • Michael Sloan
  • Dr. LuAnn Smith
  • Ogden Spruill
  • Bill Stepien
  • Cathy Veal
  • Dr. David Workman
  • Gregg Worrell



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