Theme 2: Around Town



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If you ask a longtime resident of your neighborhood what the town was like 30 or 40 years ago, they will tell you that there were a lot of empty spaces or fields. Ask them if they are happy with the numerous homes, businesses, roads, and industries that now exist. They may say that they lost part of their community. At the same time, they gained jobs, property value, and infrastructure improvements.

Whether to build more roads through a town is not an easy decision. There has to be a clear implementation plan, local or state funding, city code agreement, an environmental assessment, and the consideration of social responsibility. A local government is responsible for the wellbeing of the population, not just the economic impact. For example, a bridge could be the best solution for a town. It could bring more revenue for the town, less traffic, more business, and higher property value. On the other hand, the bridge can cause the deforestation of some of the forest preserves, the elimination of cornfields, or the demolition of a 60-year-old church. The question is, “Is it worth it?” The answer will depend on who you ask but data should provide a guide to a good solution.

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Activity 1: Adela Valley Highway



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