Leon Lederman

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Fall 12-4-2002


The distinguished Nobel Laureate and contributing author of the newly released Science Literacy for the Twenty-first Century and author of The God Particle will explore how science and technology serve as the drivers for 21st Century changes in our social, political and economic lives. Profits and conveniences made by deployment of new knowledge force the issue of whether such deployment is in society’s best long-term interest. The need grows exponentially for the voting public in our democratic society to play a significant role in making decisions. Lederman discusses whether we can devise a feasible educational system that will produce high school graduates with a sense of how science works, as well as whether voter-citizens can employ a “science way of thinking” in order to participate in issues affecting their lives and those of their children.

The lecture will be followed by a proclamation from Mike McCoy, Chairman of the Kane County Board: The Kane County “Dr. Leon Lederman Day” and a book launch, refreshments and signing of Science Literacy for the Twenty-first Century.


Dr. Leon Lederman is a distinguished Nobel Laureate.

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