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David DeVol, PhD; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Jean Bigger; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


  • Pg 4 : Alternatives to Transplantation: Pig Organs and Mechanical Hearts
  • Pg 6 : Human-Induced Climate Change Leads to Increased Wildfires in the United States
  • Pg 7 : A.I. Generated Humor
  • Pg 9 : From Professional Exclusive to DIY: Apple's Change in Stance on Repairs
  • Pg 11 : The Ethics of Space Exploration/Colonization
  • Pg 13 : NFTs: IP Rights or Scams? And at What Cost?
  • Pg 15 : Crypto: Functionality and Future
  • Pg 17 : Swimming Near the Edge: The Decline of the Vaquita
  • Pg 20 : The Chemistry of Carbon Capture
  • Pg 22 : Debunking Flatland: Space Filling Curves
  • Pg 25 : Meow: 'Purrfecting' the Comprehension of Cat Communication
  • Pg 28 : The Venusian Sky Cities of Our Future
  • Pg 31 : The Overlooked Labor of Tree Planters

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