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3rd Place : IMSA / Fermi STEM Pitch Competition


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OliGram, the rapid and affordable biofilm test kit, exploits the presence of cellulose in the extracellular matrix of a biofilm. Only produced by plants and bacteria, cellulose is a suitable biomarker for detecting biofilms as plants can likely be ruled out in most contexts. To indicate the presence of cellulose, OliGram utilizes oligothiophene h-FTAA, a chemical marker which binds to cellulose molecules to create fluorescent complexes. Under a particular wavelength of light, this complex emits light of a corresponding wavelength; on the other hand, if none of the complex was formed, then no light is emitted. Thus, with this rapid chemical reaction, OliGram can alert users to the presence of biofilms.

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Oligram: a Cleaner and Safer World



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