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The internationally recognized Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy ® (IMSA) develops creative, ethical leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As a teaching and learning laboratory created by the State of Illinois, IMSA enrolls academically talented Illinois students (grades 10-12) in its advanced, residential college preparatory program, and it serves thousands of educators and students in Illinois and beyond through innovative instructional programs that foster imagination and inquiry. IMSA also advances education through research, groundbreaking ventures and strategic partnerships. ( IMSA employs 56 full-time teaching faculty members, all of whom have advanced degrees, with 44% holding doctorate degrees. In addition, 30% of faculty members are certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). IMSA fosters a collaborative learning environment that is problem-centered, inquiry-based and integrative. IMSA’s students are engaged in rich opportunities to work with prominent researchers, explore questions of their own, champion their ideas for product development and make significant leadership contributions.