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Blabl is an app that helps children with speech impediments gain smarter speech practice, through a fill in the blank story-telling format. Using a gamification model children remain motivated by their desire to unlock new stories and win coins to buy new outfits for the avatar. In conjunction with increased practice techniques, Blabl uses an online analytic dashboard to track errors in speech with a machine learning algorithm. The online dashboard also features how much time is spent practicing and allows for pathologists to listen to the audio of completed stories for analysis. One of the main goals of this business project was to research the market and audience to suit the needs of the company. In order to do so, the company provided interns with the opportunity to conduct market research, in regards to the field of speech-language pathology as well as the structural and economic organization of educational technology companies and private clinics. Interns then worked to develop an understanding of App Store optimization and learn the inner workings of the IOS application to create marketing material. Marketing material was developed in the form of app screenshots which highlighted the critical features of the app to aid in advertising. Interns led the company’s pilot program by reaching out to private clinics and creating a Speech-Language-Pathology database. The merit of interns’ work was that company’s IOS Application was able to gain traction in the Educational Technology space and connect with new clients in the private sector.

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Ayan Agarwal; Blabl, Founder & CEO


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

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Blabl: Smarter Speech Therapy



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