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Going into any situation, I think I’m always a little overconfident. This was no exception. I had previously made an (unimpressive) app, had talked to people before, and knew how to work with a team; so this would be all the same, right?I thought going into this that I would probably do something around 80%working and 20% learning. The very first day I realized how wrong I was. I learned that in this internship, I was going to, well, learn. At first, I felt kind of bad; I mean, I knew barely anything and had to be taught from the ground up.But, in the end, this was a great experience that I will build off of for the rest of my life.This report serves as a summary and a reflection about an internship at Civicly Envolved by Patrick Hultquist, mentored by Joe Weston, Owner. This internship was done from September 2019 until April 2020.

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Joe Weston; Civicly Envolved, Owner


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Civicly Envolved Intership: Working on the Candidate Profile Screen



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