2020 Intern Reports



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Scholarship Assistance Fund is a nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting local students (Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Mt. Prospect, Prospect Heights, and Wheeling) that aim to achieve a higher education. The focus of the business project involved a few different parts, primarily being social media management, but also included other graphic design projects, website management, and grant research. Throughout the six months of the internship program, Scholarship Assistance Fund began to utilize social media in their process of marketing to students, on top of their outreach to schools and printing of physical posters. Along with this, they began to utilize grants from grant-giving foundations,realizing that they have the potential to provide more funding for scholarships. Through the business project, Scholarship Assistance Fund benefitted from the implementation of social media marketing, grant research, and improvement in graphic design, leading to more visually appealing designs.

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Marie DiVirgilio; Scholarship Assistance Fund, President


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Scholarships



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