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This report details the work and research I have completed over the past few months with BUNDLAR. This company is a startup located in startup incubator 1871. BUNDLAR is currently developing their augmented reality mobile app that will launch in the near future. Over my time with them, I helped with market research. My research was focused on the Augmented Reality industry and performing competitive analysis on other AR companies. With this research, I was able to provide BUNDLAR with valuable recommendations and insights that helped shape their development around the target audience and industry. In addition, I also focused on performing quality assurance testing on a beta version of their mobile app. Because Iwas part of their target audience, I was able to provide valuable feedback on my user experience and report any problems and difficulties I experienced. Through my internship, I wanted to help BUNDLAR with releasing their easy-to-use AR platform. In this report, I will focus on my experience, business project, and key learnings.

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John Martin; BUNDLAR, CEO and Founder


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Easy-to-Use Augmented Reality in the Mobile Industry: an Internship Experience



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