2020 Intern Reports



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SafeStart Medical is a health information technology company offering a healthcare system, or electronic health record, that reduces dangerous handoff and communication errors, reduces delays and cancellations in the operating room, and empowers the patient as an active member of their care team. SafeStart is an automated and digitized revenue cycle management tool that improves perioperative patient safety, quality of care, and patient throughput. They specifically aim to prevent the occurrence of Never Events, preventable and serious medical errors that occur at an alarming rate. As an intern at SafeStart, I performed research on clinical topics such as Never Events and COVID-19 in order to create thoughtful content for healthcare professionals and patients to post on social media platforms. I helped SafeStart establish themselves as thought leaders in the patient safety space.

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Dr. Richard Vazquez MD FACS; SafeStart Medical, CEO/CMO


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

SafeStart Medical: An Innovative HIT Solution to Never Events (WSPE)



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