2020 Intern Reports



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I have always been my own boss. From self-learning graphic design, starting in third grade, to practicing graphic design for clubs and organizations under my digression. I have been lucky enough to work for mainly myself and, when working for others, have had to cater to exclusively my taste—my experience in doing graphic design for teams has in the past been limited to making a design I like, requesting approval with little to no necessary revisions, and finally sending the design to its final destination.

Working with the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce this summer was my first time practicing graphic design for someone else. While my personal taste and graphical flare were still appreciated and encouraged, my mentor, LeAnne Gaydos, Program Manager of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, called the final shots.

This report details my experiences working as a graphic design intern (with a boss) in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions. Below is a table of contents of sorts to acquaint you with this report.

Publication Date



LeAnne Gaydos; Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, Program Manager


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Graphic Design Internship



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