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Health resources are crucial to promoting healthier behaviors in society. Robust marketing campaigns are often utilized by healthcare workers and organizations to raise awareness about such health resources. A common method of marketing is community outreach. Community outreach is the process by which organizations educate the public about a certain topic, study, or idea through the use of campaigns (Riesch et al., 2013). Clinics and other healthcare organizations often present their practice at local fairs and other community events and even perform basic procedures, like blood pressure tests, on people. During my summer internship at the Family First Physicians office, I helped create virtual health courses for public use. For my business research project, I investigated how community outreach impacts public receptiveness towards healthcare initiatives to determine if community outreach would be an effective means of marketing the health courses I created in my internship. I researched this question using primary and secondary sources, including an interview with my internship mentor, Dr. Karen Federici. Through my research, I found that community outreach programs tend to be successful in increasing public receptiveness towards healthcare initiatives. Community outreach can help people take prompt action against health concerns and increase people’s use of existing healthcare resources, while also conveying information to a wide-spread audience through technology.

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Dr. Karen Federici, MD; Family First Physicians

Creating Virtual Health Courses for Public Use and Public Awareness



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