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Throughout this internship, I, Abhi Pasupula, have worked with my internship mentor, Barry Federici, in order to help him start up a new service. This service is targeted specifically towards veterans and their paths in their lives after they retire from the military. The service is split up into two categories, those being Jobs and Veteran Benefits. Jobs entailed creating and implement a job board into our website for retired veterans to search for. Veteran benefits showcase a list of benefits that veterans are eligible for, divided up by Federal Benefits, State Benefits, Local Benefits, and a page for all available benefits.

For the Job Board page on the website, we got into contact with a job board service known as Hiring Opps and spent many days working through the features and seeing which features would serve us the best for the website. In addition, we set up a Sandbox so that we could physically see the service in action.

The benefits required more menial work, such as compiling the list of total benefits and categorizing them into states with links that lead to the state Veteran Benefits commission for more information. Once organized, the benefits were organized into 4 sections, each section having its own page on the website.

Both of these websites were connected back to the original website, which served as a homepage for all the services. The homepage also had services to meet with my mentor, Mr. Federici. Working on both of these websites and services really opened my eyes to the professional world of Software Development, where there was so much more apart from just programming. Similar to this internship, the real world will require me to be able to voice my thoughts as well as put them down on paper and be able to explain them well to others, something that I believe this internship set me up for very well.

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Barry Federici; Family First Wealth Management LLC

Saluting Success - Benefits and Jobs for Veterans



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