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Light, Electricity and Semiconductors


Dachuan Xu




As technology advanced these days, computers are playing a more and more important role in our daily life; especially in those areas that requires higher technology, for example, aerospace. And as computers keep developing, they tend to be smaller and lighter but much more sufficient. It is the base stone of modern information era. A CPU is the brain of a computer, and as the computers get smaller and smaller, the CPUs are getting smaller and smaller, using semiconductors. Semiconductors have many properties that is extremely useful to human, their conductivity are controlled by their environment, and therefore are adaptable and controllable

However, computers are not the only area that requires semiconductors, solar energy and even streetlights are using them to make our life easier. This project is focusing on the basic semiconductor usages and the properties of them. Since streetlights are everywhere in our life, it would make a very good example and it's easy to demonstrate. However, as the width of the semiconductor area, the experience turns out pretty complicated to explain, one explanation can leads to more.

This project will be talking about the main types of semiconductors, especially the most widely used ones, for example, silicone. A model of streetlight which is photosensitive is constructed in this project.

As mentioned previously, semiconductors are the back bone of modern information era, they play the most important role in our highest technology and will be leading us to the next level of knowledge.

This project will focus on the different types of semiconductors, including PNP and NPN, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

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Light, Electricity and Semiconductors


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