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I think I have participated in a lot of ground-breaking ceremonies. In 1968, I watched them dig the first shovel for the creation of Fermilab -- eighteen years ago. You wield a ceremonial shovel and go about your business and before you know it -- a building exists and you say -- "my God, where did the time go?" But it isn't the building that we are breaking ground for today -- it's the institution; the I.M.S.A. and it is here -- within this volume of space, in middle America -- that we will make history -- that legends will be told and retold about how IMSA began -- about how its first class had to rough it -- how primitive were the Macintoshes and IBM PC's and the CRAYS that the students were forced to use -- how easy the science was but how hard it seemed. I think it is crucial that we be very sensitive to the fact that we will be part of legends -- the beginnings of a dramatic evolution of science education -- a response born in the prairie to the alarms sounded in Washington and throughout the nation.



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