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Teacher Resource

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Fall 1993


Welcome to the second issue of the IMSA Math Journal, an official publication of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. The purpose of the IMSAMJ i s to communicate through mathematics with both students and teachers. Some of our goals include:

  • Presenting teaching insights, lessons, problems.
  • Sharing mathematical ideas, mathematical teaching ideas, observations, approaches, connections, extensions, generalizations of interest to students and teachers of mathematics.
  • Featuring mathematics problems for both in the classroom and outside the classroom, i.e. math contests, math competitions, etc.
  • Discussing and sharing the role of technology including calculators and computers in the instruction and learning of mathematics.
  • Sharing our experiences as educators as w e strive t o help students construct mathematical meaning through an integrative inter- and intra-disciplinary set of learning experiences.

Excerpt: Letter from the Editors


Volume II, Number 1

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Mathematics Commons



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