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Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics | Mathematics


Let D(H) be the minimum d such that every graph G with average degree d has an H-minor. Myers and Thomason found good bounds on D(H) for almost all graphs H and proved that for 'balanced' H random graphs provide extremal examples and determine the extremal function. Examples of 'unbalanced graphs' are complete bipartite graphs Ks,t for a fixed s and large t. Myers proved upper bounds on D(Ks,t ) and made a conjecture on the order of magnitude of D(Ks,t ) for a fixed s and t → ∞. He also found exact values for D(K2,t) for an infinite series of t. In this paper, we confirm the conjecture of Myers and find asymptotically (in s) exact bounds on D(Ks,t ) for a fixed s and large t.



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