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The State of Illinois launched the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), which is recognized as the world's leading teaching and learning lab for imagination and inquiry, in collaboration with business, education, and science leaders. For 30 years, IMSA has pioneered the future of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education through its two legislative charges: 1) to provide a uniquely challenging education for students talented in the areas of mathematics and science and 2) to stimulate further excellence for all Illinois schools in mathematics and science. IMSA champions these goals through:

New STEM teaching models: leading the charge to continually innovate K-12 STEM education, from problem- and inquiry-based learning to innovation, entrepreneurship, and tackling the world’s grandest challenges.
Residential education: helping nearly 6,000 top 10th through 12th graders from 95 Illinois counties to date reach their fullest potential and apply their passion and skill for math and science to advance the human condition.
Student and educator outreach: creating a strong and diverse STEM talent base through teacher training, turnkey STEM curricula development, and innovative student enrichment programs.

Please join us in celebrating our 30th anniversary—30 years of significantly contributing to educational innovation and excellence in Illinois and beyond. José M. Torres, PhD, President



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