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For over 30 years, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) has pioneered the future of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education through its two legislative charges: 1) to provide a uniquely challenging education for students talented in the areas of mathematics and science; and 2) to stimulate further excellence for all Illinois schools in mathematics and science. IMSA champions these goals through:

  • Residential education: Helping talented 10th-12th graders representing over 93% of Illinois counties to date reach their fullest potential.
  • Student and educator outreach: Leading the charge to continually innovate K-12 STEM education, creating a strong and diverse STEM talent base through teacher training, turnkey STEM curricula and student enrichment.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation: Strengthening Illinois’ STEM pipeline through entrepreneurship training and makerspace education in a collaborative environment.

Sustaining excellence in STEM teaching and making inroads into equity has never been more challenging and complicated given our national landscape. Yet, I know that you share my commitment to this vision. As STEM education moves into an increasingly complex world, IMSA is positioned to provide the leadership necessary to train and guide future generations. Our alumni will indeed go on to “earn degrees in laws and letters” in the words of our founder, Dr. Leon Lederman. “There are likely to be those few who create new intellectual worlds, cure a dreaded human ailment, or in some other way significantly influence life on our planet."

For the next 30 years, we will continue to treat our charges as if each one is capable of this extraordinary achievement.

José M. Torres, Ph.D., President



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