Research, evaluation, and scholarship are closely related endeavors. Research is the systematic discovery or collection of information or knowledge; evaluation is the formal determination of efficacy or value; and scholarship is the thoughtful sharing of information, knowledge, or expertise. They are related because acceptable evaluation and scholarship rely on the procedures of formal research.




Existing specialty schools as leverage for behavioral sciences research on teaching and learning in STEM fields, Christopher G. Kolar and Heather Sondel


Specialized Science High Schools: Exploring Contributions of the Model to Adolescent Talent Development Specialized Science, Christopher G. Kolar, Tracy L. Cross, Rena F. Subotnik, and Paula Olszewski-Kubilius


Your IRB: Educating Students, Monitoring Student Research, and Safeguarding Students as Research Subjects, Christopher G. Kolar and Judith A. Scheppler

Conference Papers/Presentations


Assessing High School Gifted Student Progress in Science Through Misconceptions and MOSART, Christopher G. Kolar and Evelyn Ho-Wisniewski


Retention of Talented STEM Students in the Illinois Higher Education Pipeline: Initial Baccalaureate Outcomes of IMSA Graduates, Christopher G. Kolar and Carissa Rosine

Online Publications


Experiential Learning at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Michelle Kolar, Dora Phillips, and Christopher G. Kolar