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Gerrad Holtz, Daryl Shorter, and Christian Nøkkentved

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Gerrad Holtz, Daryl Shorter, and Christian Nøkkentved



Gerrad Holtz first heard about IMSA in sixth grade when an older brother applied. He did a summer program and then decided to attend in high school because he'd have more opportunities at IMSA than the small town where he grew up offered. Daryl Shorter was in eighth grade when a few different boarding schools gave presentations to students at his school on the south side of Chicago, and he decided he wanted to go away to school. He ended up in IMSA's Early Involvement program in 1990, which took place in Chicago on weekends, which helped students prepare to apply and attend.

On arrival at IMSA as a student, Holtz says it was both exciting and scary. It was also hard for his parents because the day after they brought him to IMSA they took his brother to college. Shorter also says it was scary at first, and intimidating being around so many other smart kids. In classes sophomore year, Shorter particularly remembers his English class because it was the first time he really learned how to write. He says so much of what he learned at IMSA was foundational. Holz also says the English and history classes stand out in his mind, particularly role playing historical characters and events. Shorter talks briefly about his mentorship experience in a lab. They close with a discussion of residential life and the sorts of fun and mischief they got up to.

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Gerrad Holtz, Daryl Shorter, and Christian Nøkkentved