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Begin in a seated position. Sit on your left hip with your legs folded to the right side. Place the palm of your left hand on the floor beside your left hip and let your right arm form a gentle arc out to the side, palm up. Exhale and lengthen up out of your hips and through the crown of your head. Inhale as you raise your right arm overhead alongside your right ear, stretching as far as you can over to your left side. Your left elbow bends, but don't worry if it doesn't reach the mat. Be sure to lift up through your torso to allow more space for side bending. Continue inhaling as you raise your left hip off the mat by driving your left forearm into the floor. Create one long, graceful arc from your right hip to your fingertips. Visualize a marionette string pulling you toward the ceiling in home position. Then picture the string pulling you in an upward, arcing motion to create the curve of the side-stretch. Exhale to reverse the curve, raising your left arm overhead. Bring your right arm in front of your waist as you stretch to the right. Repeat.

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