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Begin in a seated position with the legs extended straight on the mat and spread more than hip-width apart, knees pointed to the ceiling and feet flexed. Inhale and sit tall on your sits bones with your back against an imaginary wall. Extend the arms out to the sides and parallel to the floor at shoulder height. Palms face the floor. Lift the chest and bring the shoulders back and down. Exhale while twisting to the right and bending forward, reaching toward the foot on that side with the opposite hand. Reach with the fingers toward the outside edge of the foot, while the other arm is behind you with the palm facing up. Exhale further and look toward your back arm as you reach your little finger past your little toe. Look back with your eyes and bring your ear over your knee. Focus on bringing the lower back into the imaginary wall. Inhale as you roll back up then twist back to the midline and return to the mid-line. Repeat on the other side.

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