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Begin lying on your side. Line your back side along the back edge of the mat. Your underneath hand supports that side of your head, and your uppermost hand is planted firmly on the mat in front of your chest. Bring your straight legs forward to an angle of at least 30 degrees and no more than 45 degrees. Stack shoulder over shoulder, hip over hip, and ankle over ankle. Flex the lower ankle (toes to kneecap) and press the foot into the mat. Engage your powerhouse to stabilize your spine and to keep your shoulders and hips still and vertically stacked throughout. Stay stacked and stable – Image that your gluteals and shoulders are lined up against the wall behind you.

Half turn the upper leg out and make a football sized circle with your foot. Make a circle with your leg toward the front, and then up around and back. Circle the leg just as much behind as you do forward. Reverse the direction.

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Health and Physical Education

Side-lying Leg Circles



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