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Presented at the 2019 Executive Learning Exchange

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Strategic Opportunity:

Many leaders are calling out future of work challenges. Corporations are facing scarcity of skills and qualified people now. Education systems are in place, yet 51% of executives do not believe education solution is enough (SHRM Research: “The Skills Gap 2019”).

Learning Solution:

Alongside recognized leaders in STEM education and corporate learning, we will build on previous discussions about the future of work by focusing on the systems and challenges of preparing youth to be successful in the future of work. We will move from conceptual research to pragmatic experience by sharing what has been shown to work. We will ask the next question: How do we scale up what works? We will engage participants to explore new models to include out-of-school enrichment like corporate apprenticeships, hackathons, micro-internships and gig work. We will hear from experts on how these education-business partnerships enhance skill and employability for students on the one hand and offer sustainable talent pipeline to employers on the other. Join us to disrupt the mature education paradigm of yesteryear, to identify how to move forward together.


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