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Conference Paper/Presentation


Illinois Association for Career and Technical Education (iACTE) convention

Publication Date

Winter 2-13-2020


Career, Future, Broadskilling, Technical Education


Education professionals are concerned about quality of the education our youth receive. Corporations are concerned about having a prepared, skilled workforce as we face a sweeping digital transformation. Impact metrics vary, but there are clear themes about concerns of the emerging generation of workers (“will a robot take my job?”) and skills gaps. While corporate HR leans in on innovative recruiting, “upskilling” and “reskilling” initiatives, the opportunity for students is “Broadskilling” (i.e. career awareness, entrepreneurship, soft skills, adaptability, learning to learn, and befriending technology). Let’s engage in a practical discussion based on current data and share our experiences and stories.


Slides may be reused to build awareness among faculty, students, parents and educational leaders about the need to prepare students for the demands of the emerging future work, which is already challenging educational systems.



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