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Executive Learning Exchange. Learning Leadership Summit|Virtual (May 10, 2022)

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Spring 5-10-2022


L&D, Learning & Development, Semi-Synchronous Learning, Josh Bersin, Nomadic Learning


ELE would like to recruit members to create a 5-week cohort to experience semi-synchronous collaborative learning. As learning professionals, we’re faced with a largely new landscape and increasing demand for our work, as organizations begin to see why learning is now a business imperative. The Leading L&D Program by Nomadic Learning explores these changes and offers tools for developing new strategies that align with what both employees and organizations need to thrive. In the Leading L&D program, learners will get hands-on, practical guidance and time-tested wisdom from peers, and will explore together:

  1. What is the benefit of learning in cohorts rather than individually?
  2. How can L&D serve as a response to this period of ongoing uncertainty?
  3. What are the benefits of shifting our thinking away from learning systems and toward a culture of learning?
  4. How can we measure the effectiveness of learning with clear, impactful data?

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Key takeaways on how the Great Resignation is changing talent acquisition, internal mobility, and L&D.

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Mr. Busby was the Producer and Panel member for this presentation from experts at Nomadic Learning and Josh Bersin Academy. Session notes are available at



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